4 Dining spots around the stadium.

1. The area of Siam Square


The area of Siam Square, which can be considered the center of Bangkok, is surely worth a visit. There are Siam Square, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery within a short walking distance from each other. This is where you can find many restaurants that offer all kinds of international food and Thai food with a twist. More have made it to the list for serving up some legendary dishes across generations.

2. Pratunam


Pratunam is Thailand’s largest wholesale and retail clothing market. Apart from shopping, there are food courts, food stalls, and restaurant options both inside and outside the malls. You’ve got to try Juicy Pock Satay, Fish Maw Soup, Thai fresh spring rolls, and chicken rice, which some stalls cover in the most renowned Michelin guide. If you’re a foodie, this Pratunam food street is not to be missed.

3. Ban Tad Thong


Ban Tad Thong is also known for its famous and tasty street food and restaurants. Not only does this area receive attention from Thai people, it also attracts a big number of tourists who want to get to know local Thai food. However, due to the area’s size and structure with a lot of alleys, there are several tasty local restaurants, for example Jeh Oh, Kui Chai Ar Pae (Thai Fried Chive cakes), Maneeja Seafood, Tung Chae Tao Tan (Stir-fried Rice Noodle with Gravy), Sa-Nay Isan Cuisine, Shong Ped Pa lo (Pot-Stewed duck) The good thing is, many open till late and you can still find food in the hours of the night.

4. Yaowarat


Bangkok Chinatown – known locally as Yaowarat – a distinctly Chinese identity endures.  Yaowarat is known to locals, that is keeping a multigenerational business alive. Some outstanding Chinese food is one of the primary reasons to visit Chinatown; Fish ball Noodles, Yentafo, Stewed pork leg on rice, Pork Satay, Oysters omelette, Pad Thai, Rolled Rice Noodles, traditional soy mill, dimsum amd more. This is still the place where good food comes in affordable prices. This is still the place where people gather and have fun eating great food together.