The area is the former Windsor Palace, which was commissioned by King Chulalongkorn in 1881 to serve as the residence of his eldest son, Prince Vajirunhis, who would later be named the first Crown Prince of Siam, and was later transformed into the present stadium and central physical education center called “Sanam KritaSathan.” This Stadium was constructed in 1937 and fully completed in 1938 to international standards. The building takes up the majority of the site. It is a multipurpose stadium, including a football field and running tracks. Later in 1938, the Department moved to the new stadium and officially moved the annual public male athletics competition to the stadium. Then, on May 4, 1941, the Department was renamed “Supachalasai KritaSathan”. The stadium is named after Naval Commander Luang Suphachalasai, the first Royal Thai Navy officer and Director of Physical Education. Nowadays, it is popularly called “Supachalasai Stadium” or “National Stadium“.

Supachalasai Stadium, width 72 meters, length 110 meters (football field width 68 meters, length 105 meters), with 8 synthetic running tracks for organizing athletic competitions used for important sporting events, has a roof on one side with an amphitheater surrounding it. Currently, there is a total spectator capacity of 19,615 seats, with 4 athlete rooms, 1 referee room, 1 press room, 1 VIP lounge, 1 nursing room, and 1 press conference room (capacity of 50 people).

Suphachalasai Stadium is the majority part of the National Stadium. It is the multi-purpose stadium with track and field for athletic purposes, as well as a partial roof on one of its side. The stadium is located in one of the most important business areas where there are many main transportations such as public bus and BTS train station (The National Stadium Station).

Many important activities have been held, such as hosting the Asian Games three times, the SEAP Games, the SEA Games, Michael Jackson’s concerts, Blackpink’s concerts, and more.

And Now! is honored to be selected by the Asian Athletics Federation (AAA) to host the 25th Asian Athletics Championships, scheduled to be held between July 11–16, 2023, in the Supachalasai Stadium in Bangkok, and will be attended by athletes from 42 countries in Asia.